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Diaper bags

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Diaper bags

Anyone who has a small child knows how useful diaper bags are. Of course, you can also carry everything your child needs on the go, such as diapers, bottles and spare bodies, in a normal bag. However, we recommend parents to carry a diaper bag. The advantage of this is that you can store everything in an orderly way without any problems and that you have everything ready to hand quickly in an emergency. The bags have special compartments to store bottles, diapers and teats. This prevents a continuous search for whatever you might need. The majority of our diaper bags also have a changing mat in them. This can be cleaned quickly and easily. The lining of the diaper bags are made of the same material and can be cleaned just as easily. This is especially practical if a bottle were to leak.

Diaper bags are ideal for when you go out with your baby. These bags can be used both as a diaper bag and as a daily bag. Our collection offers you the most beautiful diaper bags from Fabienne Chapot, MYOMY and Cowboysbag. You only have to find out which one you like and which bag fits your budget and any additional wishes. We have made a careful selection of top brands that are known for producing high quality bags.

You can store everything in these bags. They have different compartments for bottles, teats, cuddle toys, clothes, diapers and much more. With the diaper bags from Fabienne Chapot and Cowboysbag you also receive a free handy changing mat for your baby. MYOMY also has a special line with diaper bags. Discover the MYOMY My Paper Bag Baby. The well-known My Paper Bag model, but especially made for mothers. This bag has many compartments to easily store all your baby things.

The Little Green Bag also has multifunctional diaper bags from the vegan brand Matt & Nat. Your future diaper bag is made of good material, is firmly put together and ensures that you always have all the baby stuff nearby. Due to the unisex colours of Matt & Nat, the diaper bags are suitable for both fathers and mothers. That's ideal!

New to the collection are the diaper bags from Studio Noos. These bags are a real hype at the moment! Thanks to the fun prints and soft teddy material, you can carry a very trendy diaper bag with you. For many mothers, this bag is also ideal because it is spacious. The bag only consists of a large compartment. Here you can easily put all your stuff and other necessities. Due to the soft fabric, the bag stretches easily, so you can bring even more stuff with you. The nice thing about this trendy diaper bag is that it is not just the ideal bag for mothers. The bag is also amazing for a day at the beach or for your grocery shopping. This means that you can always use the bag from Studio Noos daily!

In addition to the handy shoulder bags, Herschel Supply Co. has the most perfect backpacks specially designed as diaper bags. These backpacks contain many compartments where you can easily store all your important belongings. In addition to the many compartments, the bags come with a free changing mat. The backpacks from Herschel are available in unisex models. This means that both moms and dads look super trendy with this diaper bag!

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