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Belts are the perfect way to add that extra accessory to your outfit. At The Little Green Bag, you will find a large collection of designer belts, perfect for every occasion. The belts by Cowboysbelt go well with a stunning pair of jeans, while the more classic look belts are perfect for a neat suit pant. 

A belt for every look

Do you have a specific taste or do you want to have the perfect belt for that particular outfit? We offer the perfect belt to complete your look. Whether you're looking for a casual, cool, chic or business belt, we've got it all! You'll find the perfect match with your preference by choosing a certain color, material, style and width of the belt. A cool belt, for example, is made from leather and has some studs or is a little bit wider than the sleek narrow style. This type of belt works very well with jeans. A more chic, classic belt is often a bit narrower. This can also be made of leather. A classic black fits with most types of pants, but the colors brown and cognac are also very popular. Belts are a true reflection of your own style.

Leather belts

Leather is a widely used material for belts. The leather belts in our collection are made from the best types of leather with a vintage look. Traditionally, leather belts are worn with matching shoes. This explains the many different colors of leather. Nowadays, belts are mainly used as fashion accessories. The leather gives each belt its own unique look. From cool brown to black leather colors and from a coated leather finish to a reptile print. The leather belts are available in all different styles and models.

Sizes for belts

The belts in our collection range from size 75 to 115. We have the most common sizes, so you will have a great chance you will find a belt that suits you best. It may vary from brand to brand which size best suits your circumference.

Cowboysbelt belts

Since 1980, Cowboysbelt has focused on designing leather belts with a vintage look. Cowboysbelt is a part of the famous brand Cowboysbag and are made from the same amazing materials and leather. The sizes of the Cowboysbelt belt can be found in the name of each belt. For the belts, the first two digits indicate the width of the belt in centimeters. Belt 202003 has a width of 20 centimeters.

Legend belts

Legend belts are the belts of the brand Legend. The brand was created in 2007 and through the power and passion together, high quality and fashionable products were designed. Legend belts are made from high-quality leather and have a tough look. Within our collection of belts, there are different colors and buckles from Legend.

Amsterdam Cowboys belts

The leather lifestyle is central to the Amsterdam Cowboys brand. In addition to belts, the brand also has leather bags, wallets and other cool accessories. The belt collection of Amsterdam Cowboys is an extensive collection with different types of belts. You can choose from studs, wickerwork, cutout patterns and several types of leather.

Order your belts online

Did you find a belt that you like and do you want to purchase this item? You can do that immediately at The Little Green Bag. Order it online at The Little Green Bag and enjoy our same day shipping service. Would you rather see the belts in real life first? Check the product page to see in which store the belt is in stock and visit one of our stores.