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Children's scarves

Children stay comfortably warm in spring and winter with a wonderfully soft scarf. Barts scarfs and turtlenecks - Spring & Winter. In our collection you will find the most beautiful children's scarves from Barts. The scarves are wonderfully warm on the winter days, and are also available in beautiful, cheerful colours and with funny and coarse prints. Beautiful, because you can also combine it with a matching Barts children's hat. When the temperature rises and spring is approaching, a cool wind can occasionally blow. Then the airy scarves from Barts are of course also very pleasant. These thinner scarves can also be worn as fashion items. In addition to the scarves, we also have turtlenecks for children - also called Infinity Scarfs - which are in great demand at the moment and into which they can crawl.

Order your scarf online

Have you found a nice children's scarf or turtleneck for your child? Simply order them online in our webshop. We pack the scarf immediately and deliver your order immediately. So your child can enjoy the cold and winter weather wonderfully.