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Hunter rubber boots were first produced in Scotland in 1856. The story of the rubber boots began in a small company with only four employees. Thanks to the great success of the rubber boots, the company has developed into a large company with no less than six hundred employees within 20 years. The brand owes its success to the outbreak of war. At that time there was a great demand for rubber boots, especially from the army.

The eye-catcher

The boots were originally made for difficult terrain and the unpredictable Scottish climate. But aren't your children sometimes unpredictable? The combination of traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology makes Hunter a real quality shoe. The boots are characterised by their slim appearance, the closure at the top and the brand logo at the front.

Fashionable rain dances

Nowadays, Hunter is an integral part of the street scene and many festivals are celebrated with boots. Especially children like to jump through rain puddles and jump through the mud. Thanks to Hunter, you no longer have to worry about the wellbeing and dry feet of your little one.  With the great bright colours, your children can look fabulous even on rainy days!

Order Hunter online

Hunter rubber boots are available in different models and colours. Have you discovered a pair of them in our collection that perfectly matches your child? Then order it quickly and easily online! As soon as we receive your order, we will start processing immediately so that your children can dance in the rain as soon as possible!