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Muchachomalo knows there's a bad boy in every man. Hence the Spanish translation as the name for the underwear brand. Men wearing muchachomalo have a strong will. The boxer shorts radiate this through their playful designs and the mission to seek adventure.
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Muchachomalo, Spanish for bad boy, is a cool Dutch underwear brand with a big wink. There's a boy in every man. A bad boy. That's the philosophy behind the brand. Men that wear Muchachomalo boxer shorts can identify with the brand because of the strong will the brand radiates, but also because of the playful designs and the mission for adventure.

Boys will be boys. So men will keep on talking about cars, soccer and other sports. This will always keep them young at mind. This playfulness of bad boys is reflected in the Muchachomalo collection.

Because of the perfect fitting and the quality of the boxer shorts, they are extremely comfortable. Next to comfort, Muchachomalo values the design. This helps them to make a statement, every time they launch a new collection.

Don't take life too seriously, life is a party!

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