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Wallets and cardholders for men

Are you looking for a wallet, suitable for men? You came to the right place. At The Little Green Bag, you find a broad collection great brands. Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, but also some must-see Dutch brands: Fab., Castelijn & Beerens and Cowboysbag. Property Of is a brand with beautiful leather wallets. They are practical and well organized. The wallets fit well with a trendy man who loves quality and simplicity. The choice of wallets is very big.

Types of men's wallets

The bi-fold wallet is the most popular men's wallet. The main features of a bi-fold wallet are the flat model of the wallet and the fold in the middle of the wallet. The bi-fold wallet and the tri-fold wallet are very similar. The names already reveal the difference: the bi-fold wallet has two foldable flaps and the tri-fold wallet has three foldable flaps. The three foldable flaps are characteristic of the tri-fold wallets. These three flaps provide space for all cards, bills, coins and receipts. Because of the three flaps you have just a little extra space in this wallet than in the bi-fold wallet men. For every style there is a nice tri-fold wallet at The Little Green Bag.

Most men call themselves allergic to coins. But the functionality of a men's coin wallet is not underestimated. These small purses are large enough for some coins and folded bills. Due to its small size, the coin purses easily fit in your pocket or jacket.

The men's wallet is not only functional and boring. And no really, not at all! Because nowadays the men's card holders are much more than that! For men the card holders are real musthaves.These card holders offer space for all kinds of cards that you prefer to have by your side. Hardly anyone has cash in their pocket anymore and cards are used for everything. Small coin money only brings weight; a wallet for cards is a more functional option!

The things in your wallet have a lot of value. The new technologies pose many risks to the privacy of your debit cards, credit cards, ID cards and public transport cards. An RFID protective wallet is the solution to protect your privacy-sensitive cards.

Gentlemen, pay attention; do you always lose your keys? Do you put them in your pocket one time, in your coat pocket the next time and in your bag the third time? Then you keep looking for your keys. The key cases are the solution! By keeping your keys in a key case, they stay together and the risk of losing them is much smaller.

Order your men wallet

Have you seen the perfect wallet? Order it online. We will pack it with love and make sure you can use your wallet in no-time! Buying online was never this easy and fun!