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Men's watches

Men wear watches that match their style. Because there are so many different styles, you find an extensive collection of men's watches at The Little Green Bag. Check out the playful designs by KOMONO, the classic designs by Renard, WoodWatch, Henry London and Daniel Wellington, or the popular brands, like TRIWA, WoodWatch and IKKI.

Back in time

A watch goes way back in time. Around the 15th century, explorers needed time to navigate at sea. The watch was born out of the need for an accurate navigation instrument. At the beginning of the 16th century Peter Henlein made the first portable clock with a spring mechanism. At the end of the 19th century, the wristwatch was seen as a woman's piece of jewellery. However, the First World War had a major impact on the history of the watch. Because soldiers started wearing watches as well. In 1957 there were watches on the market using a battery. This model watch is still used in this time.

The watch of today goes far back in time. Nowadays a watch is seen as the most popular accessory for men.

The desires for a men's watch

Every watch comes with its own kind of strap. Whether you like the leather straps or the NATO straps, of perhaps the mesh bands; everything is possible. This also goes for the desire of a coloured clock-face or for the chronograph function. In addition to the time, the date, atmospheric pressure or depth of the watches can also be seen on men's watches. Chances are big that you will find the watch of your dreams at The Little Green Bag. In any case, you can never have enough watches.

Is my watch water-resistant?

Virtually nothing is as harmful to your watch as water. The back of the watch is often engraved with 'waterproof', 'water-resistant' or 'waterproof', but unfortunately this does not mean that you can take a dip in the pool or the sea with your watch. Different degrees of waterproofing can be distinguished:

  • No symbol or mention: your watch is not resistant to water. So be careful with splash and rainwater as well.
  • 3 ATM: means that your watch is resistant to splash water during hand washing and rain. This does not mean that you can immerse your watch in water of take a dip in the sea or pool.
  • 5 ATM: means that your watch is water-resistant. So you can swim and shower with it. On the other hand, is does not allow you to dive or snorkel, as it is not resistant to water pressure.
  • 10 ATM: with a 10 ATM watch you can go swimming, diving in the pool, snorkeling or sailing. Idea if you prefer to spend the whole day on water sports, but need to keep an eye on the time.
  • 20 ATM: are you looking for a watch that is also suitable for recreational diving? Then a 20 ATM watch is the best option. A watch with a 20 ATM rating is water-resistant in all types of water sports and recreational diving.

Men's watches brands

The diverse collection of watches consists of various on trend men's watches brands. The brand KOMONO has cool watches within the collection. The Winston Regal is an example of such a cool and trendy watch. The black dial and matte black leather strap give the watch a modern sleek look. On the other hand, the Lewis Estate of KOMONO is a more classic watch.

The Renard brand has detailed, classic and tasteful watches within the collection for men who know what they want. Men's watches of the brand IKKI are made of high quality metal and leather. The CLUSE watches men are available in beautiful gift boxes with different straps. So you can combine different styles with the watch.

Order your men's watch online

Found a watch you like? Of course you did! Order it online at The Little Green Bag and enjoy our same day shipping service. We sell enough watches for men. Would you prefer to see and try on men's watches in real life, before you buy one? Come and visit one of our stores!