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"A beautiful wallet is a true essential, next to your hand bag.'' At The Little Green Bag you find an extensive collection of many wallets from top brands. The collections of wallets by the Dutch brand Fabienne Chapot consists of beautiful details, such as stars, hearts and logo prints. The sophisticated Smart Little Bag by LouLou Essentiels are also a must have for every fashionista. These wallets have a handy wristband, a little mirror (easy when re-applying your make-up!) and a special compartment for your smartphone. Would you rather have a wallet with a bold touch? Wallets and purses from Cowboysbag and Fred de la Bretonière are perfect for you! No matter what your taste in fashion might be, you always find your perfect wallet at The Little Green Bag.

Different types of wallets

The zip-around wallet is one of the most popular models amongs wallets. It is (usually) a somewhat larger wallet ladies, which is characterized by the zipper that closes around three quarters of the wallet. The inside often has a number of open inner pockets, some pockets for cards and another pocket with a zip for coins. This makes the wallet organized. You can keep a lot of things in the wallet, which makes the zip-around wallet a favorite model for many women. The most fun? They are often very fashionable, available in different materials and can make a perfect combination with your handbag.

Our tips: Cowboysbag, Fabienne Chapot, MYOMY, Fred de la Bretoniere, LouLou Essentiels

We also have the RFID Cardprotector / wallet, bi-fold or billfold wallet, tri-fold wallet, coin purse and leather wallets for ladies. At a time when we carry many cards with us where our personal data are stored, it is important that the privacy-sensitive information is kept safe. This data is stored on an RFID chip and can unfortunately be easily skimmed, which entails many risks. An RFID card protector with a thin aluminium layer ensures that your cards are safe from skimming.

We also have the coin purse. This wallet brings perhaps the most nostalgia. These simple wallets are again completely trendy and are available in different models. For example, you have the most famous version with a snap closure, but you also have the smaller cases. As the name suggests, the coin case lends itself perfectly to the use of coins. Of course, you can also keep your bills in it, by folding it. An advantage of the coin case is that the model is a lot smaller than many other models, making it easy to carry.

Order your wallet online

Have you found your dream wallet? Order it online at The Little Green Bag and enjoy our same day shipping service! Our collection has much to offer. We make it a special gift. Ordering a wallet online has never been this easy and fun!"